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FAQ Frequently asked questions...

We charge an initial set up fee of £75.00 plus VAT which we look to recover from the debtor.
If you are a business that has entered into a contract with your debtor, your terms and conditions may legally (contractually) oblige your debtor to pay any costs associated with collection of the debt. Our in-house lawyer will peruse your terms and conditions and inform you if you are fully covered for recovery of collection costs. If you are not then we will provide you with the clause(s) to fully protect you in the future.

With the correctly drafted terms and conditions, we can provide our services on a self-funding scheme as we will be entitled contractually to collect our fees from your debtor.
Our collections are polite, firm and effective. However, don’t take our word for it - have a look at the Testimonials page.
Yes. If your debtor is absent then it will be necessary to trace them prior to undertaking any debt collection instructions. There is a separate fee for tracing an absent debtor.
We provide our debt collection services UK wide. Predominantly our debt collection services are carried out in the United Kingdom.
In most cases yes they can, however, we would need to consider the contractual terms where appropriate.
We will issue proceedings in your name if necessary. Prior to this happening, our in-house lawyer will discuss with you the litigation process and any potential problems that you may incur with issuing proceedings against your debtor.
We will discuss with you the various methods of enforcement available to you and help you decide on the most appropriate and effective route.
We have no real minimum size debt and certainly no maximum size debt that we collect upon.
There is no limit on the amount of debt that you can send to us.
We have numerous methods for collection. We will initially send a letter to your debtor explaining that we have been instructed to collect a debt on your behalf, the amount of the debt and what the debt relates to.
Once we have collected the debt, we allow 7 days for clearing through our account. You will be paid as soon as funds have cleared.